We have grouped some of our complimentary analyses together to provide the most useful data at the best price for our customers.

Additional discounts can be applied if analysis of 3 or more samples are purchased.

Turnaround times will be 3-5 workdays on average unless rapid analysis is requested, which may result in additional fees depending on how busy we are.

If you want to develop your own package, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

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#1 Brew fundamentals

This is our best value of analysis for those hoping to better understand their brews.

Includes: ABV, pH, colour + basic sugar and side-product analysis.

Price: 550 kr      

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#2 Serious BREWER

This builds on the #1 Brew Fundamentals by adding measurement of either IBU, titratable acidity or both.

We will also include a quantitative profile of your brew including major sugars and side products.


#2.1: Fundamentals + IBU = 825 kr

#2.2: Fundamentals + Acidity = 850 kr

#2.3: Fundamentals + IBU + Acidity = 900 kr

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#3 BREW DEdication

This includes all of #2.3 (IBU+Titratable acidity) with the addition of protein, total carbohydrates, calories and turbidity. We will also perform quantative sugar and side-product analysis. 

Price: 1200 kr