REDCheck Acidity Test Kits

We’re partnered with Beyers Analytical Brewing Sciences, LLC (USA) to bring their patented RedCheck Acidity Test Kit to Europe for the first time!

We’re offering both their handy starter kits and the test reagents separately to help you implement acidity testing in your brewery, no matter your experience!

What is the RedCheck Acidity Kit?

The RedCheck Acidity Kits are designed to be used to monitor titratable acidity in beer, wine, coffee, and kombucha. It uses a simple colour forming method to make it easy to get consistent results every time.

It is our belief that RedCheck will become an indispensable part of your brewing operation by providing an efficient, easy-to-perform measurement of titratable acidity on beer, wine or kombucha!

For more information, resources, and insights into souring processes, check out the RedCheck website!

Original starter kit

This kit includes everything you need to get started measuring total acidity, with enough materials and reagents to perform 15 titratable acidity measurements. The kit includes:

  • Flask

  • Syringes

  • Measuring cyclinder

  • 15 RedCheck PSP capsules

  • 3 bottles of titration solution

  • 10 mL lactic acid standard

300 SEK


RedCheck Capsules

This kit provides 25 RedCheckPSP capsules to replenish your stock.

150 SEK

Titration solution

5x10mL titration solution bottles to replenish your stock.

150 SEK