We're open for business!

After weeks of talking, experiments, and form filling, we're now open for business! 

We still want to hear from you guys to continue to develop and improve the services we offer. We have the capacity to perform loads of different tests on both the analytical and microbiological side of things and are keen to test ourselves to deliver the best service we can by tailoring our approach to suit our customers needs. To this end, we're really happy to have people in the lab and discuss things in person! If you want to arrange a visit, drop us a line and we'll sort out a time! 

We have a ton of news and things to report on and we'll try to start updating this page when we have time, but for now we're focusing on getting into the lab and generating results!

We also want to produce some info sheets - quick intros or explanations of a specific beer science subjects - so if you have any ideas let us know!