Craft Labs represents something where two of our greatest passions meet - beer and science. We love the idea that the skills we have gained over our careers could help our local breweries.
— Josh, Partner and Analytics Lead

We are an independent analytical laboratory based in Gothenburg, Sweden, dedicated to performing chemical measurements and providing microbiological services for breweries and passionate brewers of beer of all scales.


Josh mayers, PhD

Partner & Analytics Lead

Josh has a PhD in biotechnology from the UK before moving to Sweden in 2014. At Chalmers he specialises in developing efficient processes for biological production systems. This involves significant analytical know-how, an ability to understand real-world systems and good problem solving on the job. 

Josh loves anything sour and lambic-y, but recently has taken a liking to the hot-trend of NEIPAs. Experimental in his brewing recipes, but methodical in execution.

sampling rack compressed.jpg

Fábio Faria-Oliveira, PhD

Partner & Microbiology Lead

Fábio gained his PhD in Portugal before travelling to perform research in Brazil and then settling in Sweden. His work focuses on identifying novel yeast strains with desirable characteristics for industry. These skill-sets are also perfectly suited to the type of microbiology work that many breweries utilize. 

Fábio's favourite beer style has to be a rich imperial stout or something spicy from Belgium. Fábio is the brains of our home-brewing operation and keeps us grounded.


Division of Industrial Biotechnology, CHalmers

The research laboratories where Craft Labs is based is the domain of scientists working on applied aspects of biotechnology, be it increasing bioethanol production using yeast, or extracting interesting compounds from seaweeds. The Division has been a good home to both Josh and Fábio over the past few years and they know the lab and its equipment like the back of their hands. 

The lab boasts an impressive array of equipment for both microbiology techniques and analytical chemistry, as well as an infrastructure that will ensure the smooth running of the lab on a day-to-day basis. 

Please get in touch if you're interested in learning more about the division, our laboratories, or our research.