We have the facilities and expertise to offer an array of services to help isolate, identify, and quantify all of the microorganisms that may appear in your brewing processes, be they good or bad! 

We have come up with a range of packages and services, but if you want to discuss something in more detail or have a more complex issue, then the best thing is to get in touch with our Microbiology Lead, Fábio

Complete Microbiological Services   (CMB)

Microbiology Basics:

Packages #1 (CMB1): Selective media (WLN, LCSM, HLP, SDA) + Microscopic analysis including gram staining. Contact us for explanations of the different media.

Price: 700 kr per sample    (3-5 samples = 600 kr / >6 samples = 500 kr)

Packages #2 (CMB2): Same as Package #1 + genetic identification of sample microbiota to species level.

Price: 2000 kr per sample  (3-5 samples = 1850 kr / >6 samples = 1600 kr)

Package #3 (CMD): Same as Package #2, plus we will also check for the presence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus using a targetted genetic approach. 

Price: 3100 kr per sample  (3-5 samples = 2600 kr / >6 samples = 2300 kr)

Saccharomyces diastaticus identification   (DIA)

We offer the detection of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus through analysis of the STA1 gene (glucoamylase gene). It can be performed in slurry, pure colonies, mixed cultures and yeast packages from third-party suppliers.

We can also offer more detail quantification of the contamination in relation to non-contaminating yeast as a percentage of the total population through quantitative PCR (qPCR).

Price: 2100 kr per sample     (3-5 samples = 1850 kr / >6 samples = 1650kr)

Genetic Identification   (Gen)

This service offers the genetic identification of yeast or bacteria isolated in the brewery or in the wild, in most cases identification on both genus and species of the organism will be provided. Results are reported in percentage of similarity to other know microorganisms.

The cell culture, DNA extraction and PCR amplification is done in-house, but rapid DNA sequencing will be performed by a third-party. For bacteria, the 16S DNA region is sequenced. For yeast, the ITS or D1/D2 regions are sequenced depending on the level of information required.

Package Bacteria (GEN-B)

16S rDNA

Package Yeast 1 (GEN-Y1)

One region: ITS

Package Yeast 2 (GEN-Y2)

Two regions: ITS + D1/D2

This analysis is relevant if the isolated microorganism is to be used in future fermentations.

Samples should be send as pure cultures in plates or slants.

Full Process Micro' Analysis   (FPM)

This package was developed to identify the presence of microbiological contaminants in the brewing process, and pinpoint its origin. Includes the complete microbiological profile of up to 10 samples from the same production batch.

Suggested sampling points include:

Fermenters, propogation equipment, bright tanks, hoses, rinse waters, chillers, filters, bottling lines, bottles.

Samples would ideally come from the same process, samples from fermenters or finished beers belonging to different batches shouldn't be submitted unless discussed with analysts.

Price: 9600 kr

Mixed cultures isolations   (MCI)

This analysis provides the genetic identification of microorganisms in mixed cultures, like wild fermentations.  It includes the isolation of up to 5 microorganisms per culture, ratio of the microorganisms in the culture, ale and lager yeast strains characterization by rapid X-α-gal analysis, and banking of the mixed culture for 1 year.

Identification of additional microorganisms has an additional cost.

Banking of the individual microorganisms for 1 year can be offered for an additional cost (400 SEK per microorganism). Strains banked at -80 °C are stable for >5 year.

Yeast Viability   (Via)

This includes the analysis of yeast cell viability in slurry or propagations samples. Most accurate results are obtained when samples are shipped cold. 

Package #1 (VIA1): Methylene blue + colony forming units on plates

Package #2 (VIA2): Fluorescent dyes + colony forming units on plates

Vitality   (VIT)

This analysis includes the fermentation profiling of a yeast slurry sample in small scale to assess the vitality of the yeast population. Particularly useful to help develop yeast re-use programs and establishling re-use schedules. Samples need to be shipped cold.

For most beers forced fermentation (VIT1) is used, but media acidification (VIT2) alongside fermentation profiling is also available, and recommended for sour beers.

Strain Banking   (BAN)

This service is offered for breweries or brewers that already have pure or mixed cultures and want to save them in long term storage at -80 °C. We offer storage for 1 to 3 years. It includes preparation of cultures from the stored culture 4 times a year. Inquire for a discount if multiple microorganisms are to be banked at once.

1 year – 1000 kr/ 3 year – 2800 kr

Samples can be provided in a slant, petri dish, slurry, fermentation sample, bottle, or dried. Contact us for sterile sample tubes.

Yeast GLYCOGEN Quantification   (GLY)

This analysis will characterize the glycogen levels in yeast slurry. It can provide information on the overall yeast population health that may be useful if yeast cultures are to be re-used multiple times.

We can provide a range of microbiological products for your own methods. These include different media in liquid, plate or slant forms, and a range of steriles tubes and equipment. We can advice on the best techniques and protocols to get you the best results in house. Check out the product page for more information.