Here you will find individual analyses, brief method descriptions and prices. Prices in brackets are for if 3 or more samples are purchased. Please contact us if you have any questions or types of analysis you don't see here. 

** Measurement of pH will be included in all analyses listed here. **

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ABV / ABW / Specific gravity

We have a range of options for the quantification of alcohol by both volume and weight.

If rapid turnaround is required and an ASBC accredited method is not required, measurements by high-pressure liquid chromatography is more suitable. This analysis will also give the concentration of some sugars and side products.

Price: 180 kr     (120 kr)

Gas chromatography - ASBC Beer-4D

Price: on request.



Standard reference method (SRM)

Measurement of beer colour using the standard reference measurement technique.

Method: ASBC Beer-10A

Price: 180 kr    (120 kr)

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International Bitterneess Units (IBU)

Determined by acidification and extraction with iso-octane, followed by spectrophotometric quantification (other bitterness measurements
may be possible).

Price: 320 kr    (220 kr)

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total acidity

Titratable acidity as sodium hydroxide

Method: ASBC Beer-8A

Price: 280 kr    (240 kr)

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total Protein

Determination of total protein content in beer by combustion and measurement of elemental nitrogen equated to percentage of beer weight (% w/w) by measuring sample density.

Method: ASBC Beer-11B

Price: 280 kr    (210 kr)

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Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN)

Spectrophotometric determination of free amino acids in beer (or wort) using a colour forming reaction with ninhydrin. Glycine is used as the standard. Values reported as % w/w of beer. 

Method: ASBC Wort-12A

Price: 250 kr    (160 kr)

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Total Carbohydrates

Spectrophotometric determination of total sugars (dextrin) in beer following hydrolysis with sulphric acid and a colour forming reaction. Pure glucose is used as the standard. Values reported as % w/w of beer.

Method: ASBC Beer-41A

Price: 250 kr    (160 kr)

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Total Vicinal Diketones

UV-spectrophotometric determination of total vicinal diketones in beer. 

Method: ASBC Beer-25D

Price: 280 kr    (160 kr)

Methods for detailed profiling of diketones (diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione) by gas chromatogrpahy is being established. Please get in touch if you are interested in this technique.

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Gluten Content

The gluten content of beer can be determined using a specialist ELISA assay. Results are presented in ppm.  

Method: ASBC Beer-49

Price: On request

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Ash content

Determination of the ash content in the beer (or wort) by combustion of known weight of sample at 550 °C for a set period. Values are reported as % w/w of beer.

Method: ASBC Beer-14

Pricing: 180 kr    (120 kr)